Little Munden Nursery and Primary School in Dane End provides children with a welcoming, stimulating and supportive learning environment in an idyllic countryside setting. Caring teachers work with each child, tailoring work to their individual ability within an exciting Creative Curriculum. The children benefit from small class sizes and a good adult/pupil ratio.

We currently provide 15 hours free educational provision for all 3 and 4 year olds and from September 2017 we will be offering 30 free hours to children from eligible families (see below).

We welcome children from Dane End and all surrounding hamlets, villages and towns.  To arrange a school visit please telephone us on 01920 438271.

What is 30 hours Free Childcare? 

This is a new entitlement for working parents of 3 and 4 year old children which will be introduced in September 2017. This is an additional 15 hours per week entitlement in addition to the child’s existing 15 hour free early education place.

At Little Munden this whole new entitlement of 30 hours free early education will be offered term time only (over 38 weeks) and will be led by a qualified teacher.

What information are parents receiving about 30 hours free childcare?

In January 2017 the county council will be starting a communication campaign to inform parents of the new 30 hours free childcare entitlement. This will include using social media, websites, leaflets and posters. In February 2017 parents will receive the nursery admissions information leaflet in the post and this will also detail the 30 hours free childcare entitlement.

Who is eligible for 30 Hours Free Childcare?

All parents in the household work at least 16 hours a week and earn at least £107 per week up to a maximum salary of £100,000 per parent in the household.

Self-employed parents and parents on zero-hours contracts will be eligible if they meet the average earnings criteria.

1 parent is employed and 1 parent is disabled or incapacitated, based on receipt of specific benefits 1 parent is employed and 1 parent has substantial caring responsibilities, based on specific benefits received for caring.

Both parents are employed but 1 or both parents are temporarily away from the workplace on parental, maternity, paternity or adoption leave.

Both parents are employed but 1 or both parents are temporarily away from the workplace on statutory sick pay.

For up to date information on eligibility please visit

How will parents know if they are eligible?

It will be parents’ responsibility to apply for 30 hours free childcare via the online HMRC eligibility checker. Parents will receive a voucher code if they are eligible, which they will be told to show their chosen provider. The voucher code will enable the school to claim funding from the local authority.

How does the 30 hour free childcare fit with the nursery admissions process 2017 – 2018? 

There is no change to the admission process for 2017 – 2018. Parents will apply online. Schools will make their offers for the 15 hour free early education place through that system to parents. Normal admission rules will apply in this year’s process. The online system enables schools to inform parents of the free early education places they have available and if the school intends to offer 30 hours free childcare.

What is Little Munden’s offer?

We will offer up to 15 children 30 free hours of early education a week (38 weeks term time only).

Parents will not be required to take up all the hours (e.g. they could opt for 20 free hours)

The 30 free hours a week is to be taken between 8.50am and 3.15pm during term time.

If the full 30 hours are taken, the morning session will run from 8.50am until 11.50am.

The afternoon session can be chosen from 2 options:-

Option 1: 11.50 am until 2.50pm with an integrated lunch (parents to provide a packed lunch or pay for a school meal, if taken).

Option 2: 11.50am until 12.30pm and 12.55pm – 3.15pm (3 hours), with the 25 minute lunch break paid for by parents (£2 per day, plus the price of a school meal, if taken).

Parents will also have the option of sending their child to early start club from 7.45 (at additional cost).

We do not propose to run any child care (excluding school clubs) during school holidays or beyond 3.15pm in the first instance.

Nursery Lunch Club

Little Munden School currently provides a Nursery Lunch Club to help parents, who require childcare for their nursery age child outside of our morning nursery school hours.

The club is available from 11:45am to 12:45pm and is open to all Little Munden School morning nursery pupils. The children will have the opportunity to play games and take part in other activities for a short while before having their lunch in the school hall.  During fine weather in the summer months, they will be able to play in the designated outdoor areas.

If you would like your child to attend, please advise the school office. The cost per session is £2.50 per child and invoices for sessions attended will be raised at the end of each month. Payments are made online via School Gateway.

If your child would like to have a school lunch provided by Herts Catering Ltd, the cost will be £2.25* per meal and would be from the pupil choice menu available to view on  Payments for these should also be made via School Gateway. Alternatively, you may choose to provide your child with a packed lunch from home.  Your child’s class teacher will need to know the lunch choice at morning registration to enable school lunches to be ordered from the kitch