Emergency Closure

Dear Parents

This letter is to inform or remind you of our school’s procedures in the event of closure due to severe weather or any other unforeseen circumstances.

In the event of a severe weather which could result in staff not being able to reach and open the school safely, ensuring a suitable adult:pupil ratio, please note the following:

  1. First, check the www.hertsdirect.org website.Look for and click on an ‘Emergency School Closures’ link or otherwise, search for ‘School Closures’. This will list all the schools in the county; find Little Munden and view the status. This will be the first method of updating the school community and we are assured that this has the best means of coping with busy internet usage.
  2. Then, check the front page of ourwebsite, www.littlemunden.herts.sch.uk, as this will also be updated once a decision has been made.
  3. Check your e-mail as Mrs Jennings will be able to e-mail the whole-school community from offsite.
  4. Check BBC Three Counties Radio (90.4 FM) as this is the school’s nominated radio station for announcements of closures, and is linked to our posting an update on the Herts Direct website
  5. If Mr Brown has managed to make it onto the school site, he will try to answer phone calls to the school from 8.00am onwards, but he will be doing his best to make the site safe to open. A board will be at the front of school stating whether we are open or closed.
  6. If you deliver your child to Early Start Club, check that the relevant member of staff is on site and stay with your child until this is so. Remember Early Start Club does not start until 7:45am.
  7. We will often consider a rolling start to the morning with registers staying open longer than usual so that you can travel safely to school. Most importantly, think of your child’s safety first and do not put yourself at any unnecessary risk!Can I please remind you that the morning bell is not rung until 8:50am when the children will be allowed into the building (unless already gathered in the hall). Children should not be arriving on the premises until 8:40am especially while the temperature is so low and paths and the playground are slippery and frozen. Our duty of care does not begin until school is in session and teachers need time to be able to prepare lessons before school begins. Many thanks for your cooperation.Also, on any snowy days, please ensure your child has wellies, warm clothes, gloves, hat and a thick coat for playtimes and a dry set of trousers and socks to change into as all children will be expected to go outside if they are in school. Sadly, any child without will miss out on enjoying the snow.

    I hope this helps you understand arrangements at school but please do contact the office if anything needs clarifying.

    Yours sincerely
    Mrs M Breeze, Head Teacher