Beech class newsletter September 2020

Dear parents and carers of Beech class,

What a wonderful, busy first week it’s been! Firstly, I have to say how lucky I am to be the teacher of Beech class. All the children are so lovely, hard working and listen beautifully. They have all settled in so well and are quickly learning the rules and routines of their new classroom. I have no doubt the children will be very tired by the end of their first week, we have worked them hard! However, they all seem to be very happy and very comfortable with being back in their usual school routine. Let the rest of a fantastic term commence!

Thank you for bringing in your beautiful Beech ‘about me’ trees, they are fantastic. All the children have had a chance to show their tree and tell the class a little bit about it. If you haven’t done one please don’t worry but feel free to make an ‘about me’ tree and bring it to school for us and we’ll put them on display.

Our topic for the term is Home Sweet Home. A topic web is going out so you can see all
of this half terms learning. Already, the children have been introduced to this topic and have been producing some lovely work. In Art,we will be making mini homes and will begin making these in a couple of weeks time. Please collect a small/medium size cardboard box (cereal box, shoe box etc) and bring into school for us to use. Thank you in advance!

Homework will be going out this Friday for the first half term. The homework sheet has 9 options based on a different subject. Choose one option each week and cross it off once you’ve done it. Homework will be due in on a Wednesday so please bring your childs homework folder in then. The homework folders will be returned on Friday.

Spellings will also be stapled into your childs reading record every Friday. You have a week to practice these spellings before the test on the following Friday morning.

PE is on a Monday and Wednesday afternoon. On Wednesdays, your child will take their PE kit home to be washed. Please feel free to bring your childs PE kit back in any day before PE starts again on the Monday.

Myself, Mrs Davis and Mrs Chapman are reading with your children daily. We are rotating every day so your children should read every week with one of us. If the book needs to be changed, please state that you’ve finished the book and we will happily change it. If your child has moved up a level in reading, we will write it in their reading record for you. Please read every day at home – it really makes a difference in their writing, speaking and engagement in class.

Please feel free to bring in a school bag for your child. It cannot be anything large with fluffy accessories. A plain small/medium bag is fine just so we can fit reading books and homework folders inside it.

Every week, two children will be chosen as the stars of the week. These children will get a special sticker and a badge from Mrs Hale. They will also have their name written up on our ‘star of the week’ display in Beech classroom. All the children are beautifully behaved anyway, but we will be looking for children who stand out for that week for doing something great. This could be their learning, good behaviour, being kind to their friends etc.

Please continue to practice letter formation at home with your child. Letters need to be formed correctly and sit neatly on the line. We do encourage cursive handwriting however forming letters neatly and correctly comes first – then the joining can begin! Number formation is also very important. Check your children can write their numbers the correct way around and not reversed. We are practising this every day and already seeing great improvements. Well done Beech class children!

Our Christian value for this half term is compassion. Please talk to your child about the meaning of compassion. You may want to ask them some questions along the following:

What is compassion?
How can we show compassion to others?
Who would you say is a compassionate person and why?

Lastly, thank you for your patience and cooperation with dropping your children off, it’s a challenging time with the current circumstances and it cannot be easy waving your children off at the gate. Rest be assured though, they have all settled in beautifully and walk through with big grins on their faces! We have a jam-packed, exciting year ahead and myself, Mrs Davis, Mrs Chapman and Mrs France are all very excited.

If you have any questions at all, I will sometimes be floating near the gate to answer any quick questions, if not drop the office an email and I’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you.

Stay safe and take care. Best wishes,
Miss Collett
Year 1 / 2 class teacher.

Autumn Term Topic Map

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