Parent Discussion Form

If you have anything specific you need to discuss with your child’s class teacher at any time, appointments can be made via the school office for face to face meetings or a telephone conversation, if a suitable time is a problem.  Email communication is also always available via

We do request though that the attached parent discussion form is completed prior to any discussions so your teacher will have all the necessary information to hand at the time.  This form is also available from the school office.

Click here to download the form

Leave of Absence forms

Please complete the leave of absence forms if you are taking your child out of school.

Click to download the Absence Application Form

Please also read the Absence -Holidays in Term Time Letter from Director of Education and Early Intervention Justin Donovan.

Issuing Medicine Form

Our school policy is that staff will only issue medicine to a child if it has been prescribed by a doctor. This form is to be completed by parent/carer prior to any medicine being administered at school.

Click here to download the form