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Oak Class

Hello! We are Oak Class and we are the oldest part of the school – in more ways than one! We are the year five and six children so we are the oldest in the school, but our classroom is also in the Victorian building and so we learn in the oldest part of the school! We work very hard to do as well as we possibly can. Miss Franks and Mr Dobner like setting us challenging work that is also fun!

Miss Franks teaches us on Mondays-Thursdays and Mr Dobner teaches us on a Friday. Mrs Warrillow is also in our classroom to support us with our learning and to help everyone reach their potential.

As well as being hard working, we make sure we follow our school’s Christian and British values. We respect each other and are responsible for various roles around the school. We have a classroom where everyone is respected and cared for, where we forgive each other if things go wrong, and where we are thankful for all that we have.

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