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Little Munden School Offer (SEN Information Report) November 2018

Little Munden Primary School SEND Information Report: 

Our School Offer Autumn 2019

Welcome! In our SEND Information Report you should be able to find the answers for many frequently asked questions relating to what we offer children in our school who have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). This information is put together and reviewed each year. 


If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or you cannot find the information you are looking for, please ask us.

Your child’s class teacher should be your first contact if you have any concerns, but if you feel you need any more help or support, the best contacts are:

Headteacher – Mrs Laura Hale

SEND Coordinator (SENCo) – Miss Rebecca Clamp

SEND Governor – Mrs Nicki Berry

School Office Manager – Mrs Diana Jennings

All children can expect a fully inclusive and well differentiated education at Little Munden; however, some children may need additional support during their time with us, while a few children will require more precise, individualised support.

Accessibility Plan 2017 Responsibility of the Resources Committee

Targets Strategies Outcome Timeframe Goals Achieved
Short Term Availability of training for teachers to teach and support pupils in need in an appropriate environment. When a need arises, undertake audit of available training for teaching staff and determine whether beneficial to attend. Teaching staff adequately prepared to support pupils in need should such a child arrive at school. Ongoing when required. Increase in access to the National Curriculum.
Availability of appropriate computer technology for pupils with additional needs. Establish what computer equipment is available, e.g. through Hertfordshire Schools ICT Support Team. Pupils with disabilities have access to ICT equipment. Ongoing when required. Delivery of information to disabled pupils improved.


Adaptation of teaching environment to provide appropriate acoustics and protection from background noise. (Hall/ Class 4) Identify the steps required to improve acoustics and minimise noise.  Identify the availability of funding. A learning environment conducive to the needs of hearing impaired pupils. When required. Delivery of information to pupils with hearing impairment improved.
Emergency and evacuation systems are both audible and visible throughout the whole school. Test evacuation procedures termly considering any specific issues regarding needs of individuals.

Visibility of notices/signs monitored termly.

Provision of safe evacuation procedures for all pupils. Ongoing. Safer environment for pupils with disabilities.
Mid Term Appropriate furniture and equipment is available for pupils/staff with differing needs Consideration of what is available when renewing or replacing existing furniture and equipment. School is equipped with furniture and equipment that can be used by able and disabled pupils alike. Ongoing. Physical accessibility increased.
Long Term Stage 1 Improve access to main entrance and hall. Ramps to be installed. Wheelchair access ramps to all points of entry/exit installed. Access to Work project when finances allow Physical accessibility increased.

Download: Accessibility_Plan March 2017 review March 2018