Little Munden C of E (VC) Primary School

'Building Good Foundations, Matthew 7, verse 24'


Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

Whole school RE curriculum overview

Hazel Class

In Hazel Class we have been learning about Islam.

We did a virtual tour of several mosques, and looked at what is and isn’t there. Things that we noticed were:

• prayer mats

• timings for prayer

• Imam’s place for leading worship (mihrab)

• washing area (wudhu)

• 99 names of Allah

• Qur’ans and bookshelves


We noticed that you don’t see:

• chairs (apart from for people who aren’t able to worship on the floor)

• pictures of Allah or the prophets

• images from stories in the Qur’an


We designed and made our own models of mosques, using all the things we had learnt.