Little Munden C of E (VC) Primary School

'Building Good Foundations, Matthew 7, verse 24'

Catch Up Funding

Little Munden Primary School Catch Up Funding Plan 2020-21


Total funding – £5,520 (£80 per pupil)

Key Priorities

  • Identify gaps in learning and address primarily with quality first teaching.
  • For all children to have good attitudes to learning and have overcome any emotional barriers that might impact on these.
  • Enhance adult provision to support pupil wellbeing 


StrategyActionCostStaff LeadDesired OutcomeImpact /Review
Use formative assessment during the first few weeks to identify gaps in children’s learning.  Repeat this during December. Assessments by teachers.


Provision maps updated that identify students needing catch up support.

Use staff meetings and pupil progress meetings to monitor and assess outcomes regularly.

£100 – CGP Resources


£420 – AS the need arises through the year.



All teaching staff

All teachers aware of gaps and planning reflects changes made to fill these gaps


Each child accessing a curriculum suitable to their needs.

Gaps in children’s learning is narrowed.

Use Back on Track Resources to support planning process and to allow additional lessons in core subjects.Acquire the Back on Track resources from HFL


Staff training on resources appropriate their classes.

Staff to annotate plans where they are using Back on Track resources.

Evaluation of effectiveness in staff meetings.

£0 as a small schoolHT


All teaching staff

Gaps narrowed quickly by the end of the academic year.


Engaged Learners.

Small group and 1:1 interventions during the school day to support 


Social and Emotional well-being support

Children across the school to be identified as requiring support.


Employ an additional member of support staff to work in Oak class 10-2 everyday.

Organise well-being activities within school.

£5000HT/LFEngaged learners.


Improved attitude to learning.

Improved Mental Health.

Empathy towards others.

Attendance support for parents.Monitor attendance closely for all children and focus on PPG.£0HT/SBMHigh attendance will ensure access to all lessons and interventions planned.